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How Christian Care is responding to the COVID-19 virus. Read More >

Helping our residents and staff through the COVID-19 crisis

Each day I have the honor of seeing heroes in action!

Mere words cannot accurately reflect the loving care that elders are receiving in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our world has changed forever, however; know that Christian Care Communities mission of enhancing the journey of life for older adults is alive and well. The way in which we provide care for nearly 4000 elders with 900 team members is very challenging and very rewarding. While the faces have changed our response to COVID-19 is very similar to the 1918 flu epidemic. 

Today, I am asking that you join me in donating money during to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund; monies contributed will:

  • Support Our Employees – This fund supports employees who have been impacted by the virus in a variety of ways. (i.e. child care costs, loss of spouse’s income, support with medical bills or other catastrophic issues).
  • Support Our Residents – This fund supports our resident’s spiritual care needs provided by ten Chaplains across the Commonwealth. For many their faith is the bedrock of their existence.

I recognize that these are uncertain times for you as well.  However, I would be remiss if I did not share the ongoing and critical needs of Christian Care to provide the relief and support for those we care for most. Thank you for helping financially, if you are able, and for any other way you may be able to help including keeping us in your prayers.


Mary Lynn Spalding
President and CEO


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