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Compassionate Care From Caring Professionals

Transitional Rehab to Home Services – Easing the way home after surgery

The transition from hospital to home can be difficult. But Christian Care’s new 30-bed Transitional Rehab to Home Unit can help ease the way home. Our highly specialized Rehab to Home team provides exceptional short-term physical, occupational and speech therapy, nursing care and patient education to help patients recuperate, gain strength and return home as quickly as possible. For patients recovering from major surgery, stroke, joint replacements, pneumonia, COPD or other life-changing illnesses or injuries, our specialized unit can bring them one step closer to home.

  • Spacious private and semi-private rooms with flat screen TV and DVD player
  • Private, fully accessible bath with special safety features
  • Private dining area
  • Room service also available
  • Licensed nurses on duty 24/7
  • Rehab gym with advanced equipment to help you heal and achieve maximum independence
  • Spa area
  • Pastoral care

Long-term care that fosters dignity, respect and spiritual well-being

For residents in need of long-term around-the-clock nursing care, our health center offers

  • Tastefully decorated private and semi-private rooms
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Pastoral care, Bible study and worship services
  • Resident council
  • Recreational activities
  • Hair salon
  • Transportation for campus-planned activities
  • Safe, secure facility and grounds
  • Edge of Eden garden area specially designed for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Providing a wide range of rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis

Walking, balancing and even swallowing are just a few of the everyday activities that can be interrupted as a result of aging, illness or injury. At Christian Care Communities, we’re ready to help you cope with these new challenges – to maximize your independence.

Physical Therapy to Go

Relearning skills and regaining your strength can improve your ability to move about independently. Daily tasks like getting in and out of bed, rising from chairs, balancing, walking or gripping items may be difficult after illness or injury. Our highly experienced physical therapists can assess your situation and develop a custom treatment plan to help you reclaim your endurance, coordination, range of motion and mobility.

Occupational Therapy

Safely dressing, bathing and carrying out routine daily activities can be challenging. Our expert occupational therapists provide counsel and techniques to improve physical function to help patients deal with challenges of daily living.

Speech Therapy

Forming words, stuttering and proper voice projection are just some of the concerns our speech therapists are here to help with. Treatment methods include proper speech sounds, relearning speech and learning new swallowing techniques.

Christian Health Center Admissions

Our Admissions Coordinators work with all patients and families to ensure a smooth transition into our health center. We also encourage family members to provide input during the resident care conference held upon admission.

Food services

Our registered dietitian plans nutritious, appetizing meals based on personal preferences and dietary limitations. Meals are enjoyed in our pleasant dining room or can be taken privately to a resident’s room. Several times during the year, health center residents join other campus residents outside for picnics and barbecues.


Daily therapeutic and recreational activities are planned to maintain our residents’ physical, emotional and social well-being. Residents can choose from a variety of activities, including craft sessions, exercise programs and community outings.


Daily rates are determined by the type of care required and are based upon each resident’s ability to meet these responsibilities. Confidentiality regarding individual finances is assured for each resident. Please contact us for additional information on Medicare and Medicaid benefits as well as other financial matters.

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