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louisville_rehabA stroke, a hip replacement or a surgical recovery does not necessarily mean living the rest of one’s life with diminished capacities. Residents of Christian Care Communities have the opportunity to heal, and in many cases, fully recover their independence, with the help of our on-site rehabilitation center. We provide a wide variety of services, from occupational therapy, to physical therapy and speech therapy. We’d like to think, however, that our real product is hope.

Our services are available to all the residents of Christian Care Communities campus, whether they are in the Christian Health Center, Chapel House or Friendship House. We are also available on an outpatient basis to the general community, too.

Residents at the retirement community can easily access the service with a physician’s referral for therapy. A comprehensive evaluation is then performed to allow identification of problem areas. Treatment goals and a plan of care are then established with input from the patient, to ensure that his or her individual preferences and desires are included. Filings to Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance can be made through our facility, as well.

Members of the downtown workforce, the retirement community staff, and adult children of our residents may find it convenient to utilize our services while they already are on or near the site. Parking is free and accessible, and most health insurance plans are accepted.

For more information about the Outpatient Rehabilitation Program, please call us at (502) 560-5174, or fax at (502) 583-6538.

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