Be a Sponsor and Drive the Bus!

Seniors who call Christian Care Communities their home are looking to a fun and engaging 2022 by making new friends and lasting memories. Trips to the grocery store, a wellness and health fair, stopping for ice cream, attending a baseball game and enjoying hotdogs at the stadium, even driving through neighborhoods just to enjoy the leaves changing colors– it’s time to make new memories.

Christian Care is in great need of a handicap accessible 14-passenger activities and health transportation bus for our seniors who live in Louisville’s Historic District and in Middletown. Proceeds from Generations on the Greens will help fund the purchase of a bus to provide seniors healthy living choices. 

Your sponsorship of Generations on the Greens will make a difference! Your support will bring back independence and fun-filled memories to the lives of Christian Care seniors by providing a bus that will lead them on a road to healthy social engagement within our community.

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