The fall season is a beautiful and scenic time of the year to play golf. We invite you to join us this fall for our annual Generations on the Greens Golf Classic to be held Monday, October 4, 2021 at the elite Big Spring Country Club in Louisville, KY.

Why Sponsor Generations on the Greens?

Just living is not enoughone must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Anderson

We can all agree that after a long pandemic year and historic winter weather, we could use some sunshine, freedom and a little flower in our lives.   For the seniors who call Christian Care their home, the past year was especially difficult, bringing isolation, loneliness, declining health and decreased activities.    

Generations on the Greens is your opportunity to create a positive change in their lives – turning aging challenges into days filled with encouragement, harmony, fellowship and good fun.  Research shows that nature and engagement activities are powerful tools to help seniors meet and beat life challenges and live longer, feel better, and retain a sense of independence.

This year our seniors need your support to create a secure outdoor Harmony Garden which includes a covered terrace, green space with trees and flowers, and a viewing balcony.  Your support will also help renovate a Sunshine Room adjacent to the Harmony Garden for family visits, milestone celebrations and spiritual care activities. 

Benefits of Sunshine & Harmony Activities!

  • Decrease feelings of depression, stress and loneliness
  • Enhance mood and overall emotional health
  • Better sleep with less body aches
  • Improve cardio health and energy levels

Sunshine and Harmony – it’s what our seniors need after a long pandemic year.   We need your support in bringing back healthy engagement, and of course – sunshine, freedom and a little flower!  

Let’s work together to create a meaningful and healthy environment to care for our country’s most vulnerable and valuable population.  Please sponsor Generations on the Greens and help us create two special areas for our seniors to enjoy life more – the Sunshine Room and Harmony Garden.     

Contact Jamie Campbell at 502-254-4256 or, or register online below.

Presenting Sponsor