Meet Harold Turner – Local Volunteer Legend at Christian Care Communities

For the past eight years Harold Turner and his wife, Bonita, have called Chrisitan Care Communities in Corbin their home.  They chose their apartment in Chapel House because they were looking for friendly independent living options in retirement.  Harold shared, “We wanted to be someplace that would be nice and low-maintenance living, but also have healthcare options in case one of us needed extra help – Christian Care had just that!”

Since moving to Chapel House and settling in, Harold and his wife enjoy their new friends and a wide variety of activities, whether it be the annual Mother’s and Father’s Day lunches at David’s Steakhouse, or the summer cookouts on the patio, and weekly bingo games. Even with a full calendar of activities, Harold has always been the type of person who wants to do more.  He said the staff jokingly has called out, “Harold, slow down!”  as he rushes to his next thing because he moves so quickly. After living at Christian Care for a few months Harold decided to put all his energy to good use and started volunteering at the Christian Health Center. Little did he know that simple action would lead him to being one of the most celebrated and legendary resident volunteers by the entire dietary department. 

Harold says, “I told the manager of the dietary department I had been watching for a while to see what kind of stuff takes a lot of time to do but is also something I could do to help with.”  Harold discovered there was plenty he could do – folding napkins, rolling silverware, taking food trollies up the elevator, washing dishes and more – all done with Harold’s constant smile and high-energy.

A staff member once said to him, “You work harder than all of the kitchen staff combined and you don’t even get paid!” To which Harold responded, “Why of course I do! I get paid in friendships, conversations, and relationships with all of you, plus the residents which is an even better kind of pay!”

Harold believes nothing should be done half-heartedly, and it shows with his beaming personality and his never-ending drive to volunteer. When asked by a dietary staff member why he was so picky about everything being done right, he explained, “My fellow residents deserve great food and a nice eating environment, it’s one of the simple pleasures of life and we are going to give them the absolute best because they deserve it!” The entire staff at Christian Care stand in awe of Harold’s incredible attitude and compassion. As a volunteer, he has become such an important part of the staff, and he explained, “I always get to be included in the employee appreciation activities, meals, and Christmas parties. I really do love being included.”

Christian Care Communities could not be more grateful for the love Harold brings with him and shares daily with our staff and residents. If you want to know more about living or volunteering at one of our 10 locations at Christian Care Communities please contact Jamie Campbell at






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