Christian Care Communities Introduces Award Winning Dementia Care Therapy for Residents in Midway, KY


Christian Care Communities Introduces Award Winning

Dementia Care Therapy for Residents in Midway, KY

OMI is a pioneering and award-winning gestured technology for dementia care therapy. It is an immersive interactive projector for sensory enrichment and encourages lively intergenerational engagement, supporting cognitive, emotional, physical, and social rewards!

Christian Care Communities is overjoyed to have this new OMI therapy equipment available for our residents at the Homeplace at Midway.  Through the OMI, our team will be able to further build relationships with this additional element of play added into daily life activities. Because the OMI is portable our team will be able to move the technology from room to room, allowing all residents the chance to experience its wonders. OMI’s advanced technology detects even the slightest movements and responds with images, color, and light. While utilizing the OMI it is clear to see joy on residents faces of being able to play games, draw, and watch images appear with the touch of a hand! The OMI has a wide range of videos, images and games available to enjoy.

Additionally, the OMI can be personalized so that a resident’s local church photograph along with church members, friends, and family can be shown, and with rolling a ball across the table the resident can “paint” flowers around the church, all while bells from that church are playing in the background. This personal touch allows participants to connect with something new while being reminded of something that feels like home. Understanding our residents life story, their passions, hobbies and history is critical in providing the best therapy, which makes this element of the OMI that much more exciting.

“It’s really inspiring to see the impact the OMI has, brightening the days of our residents.  There are so many therapeutic benefits of watching families having a great time as they experience the OMI alongside their loved one,” shared Tonya Cox, Vice President of Christian Care Communities.   

The interactive activities OMI provides enhance quality of care in all ranges, but have shown great benefits, including:

  • Greater socialization, willingness to communicate
  • Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter
  • More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination
  • Sustained moments of engagement
  • Improved relationships with peers and staff
  • Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability
  • More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate
  • Greater opportunities to share personal stories beyond the dementia diagnosis
  • Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words
  • Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods
  • Flexibility of floor, table and bedside use making it fully inclusive

Mary Lynn Spalding, CEO & President, said, “we are so grateful to the Mary K. Oxley Foundation for funding this new therapy and we are delighted with the positive impact the OMI is having on our residents living with dementia, their families and our team members.  The interactive nature, the great variety of activities, combined with the ability to move the system to those who are less mobile, makes it a truly person-centered resource.”

Learn more about OMI at

The Homeplace at Midway – a Christian Care Community

101 Sexton Way – Midway, KY


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