Faith Restored

Since 1884, Christian Care Communities has been guided by our principles of faith, care, and family. Our commitment to principles is at work across all our communities around Kentucky. In our Middletown community a resident shared the following story with us, and we wanted to share publicly to show the Christ-like spirit of our residents and spiritual care Christian Care Communities cultivates!  Although she prefers to remain anonymous, she gave us permission to share on our blog. 

The people who live here in Christian Care Communities Middletown are truly a band of angels. 

I was and still am dealing with the impending loss of a very loved sister to cancer. She lives on the other side of the country and my brothers live a good distance from here. I was feeling depressed and alone. I had lost my faith, hope and trust in God and people. 

Then I started to get cards in the mail. A phone call from our minister (chaplain). And on my birthday received gifts both large and small. With one overwhelming act of kindness and generosity they helped me to have a revelation and shift in my faith and perspective. 

The word grateful doesn’t even come close to the feelings I have for the wonderful people who live in this community. 

In April I will be able to go to Washington State to visit my sister for the last time. I will be able to carry my newfound faith in God with me. 

I would like to share something I had read before I was given my own little miracle of faith restored. It had such a ring of truth to me and the trauma both myself and my sister endured growing up. 

“If you are a trauma survivor, chances are you have a hard time seeing how much you mean to people. You live with the painful experiences that altered the way you see yourself. Others live on the outside of your experiences and see you as the irreplaceable gift that you are.” 

This little community is full of love, faith and caring. I, in return, love and care for you all as well. May God bless us all as I have been blessed.

Several of her fellow residents voluntarily collected $2,000 so she could buy a plane ticket and lodging to see her sister in Washington state. This story illustrates the true community we have in this organization, and the power of our Faith-Care-Family principles at work at Christian Care.

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