Top 5 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Move to a Senior Living Community

5 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Move to a Senior Living Community

With the pandemic, many are concerned – is it safe to move into a senior living community? The answer is yes!!

Continuing to live in their home can pose risks for older adults too, especially if they:

  • Need regular assistance with activities of daily living
  • Live alone and have a medical condition that needs to be monitored or one that may require urgent attention
  • Are self-isolating and aren’t able to socialize or stay active, which can adversely affect health and well-being
  • Have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another type of memory impairment

In addition to varying levels of care, senior living communities can be helpful in maintaining and developing new social relationships and interests, pursuing hobbies and remaining active. The unmatched safety measures that many senior living communities have implemented, as well as the creative ways they’re keeping residents engaged and active, make this lifestyle very appealing.

Below are our top five reasons why now is a good time to consider moving yourself or a loved one to a senior living community:

1. Necessities are handled.

  • No need to go out for services, transportation is provided, community staff handles day-to-day affairs, etc.

2. Wellness and healthcare services onsite.

  • Medication directly delivered, therapy services, assistance with telehealth appointments

3. Strict infection control policies adapted to pandemic concerns.

  • New cleaning processes, staff and visitor screening policies, routine testing of staff and (if necessary residents) to help identify potential exposure

4. Safe Socialization

  • Many older adults report being lonelier and more isolated than ever due to stay-at-home orders, etc. but senior living communities can help activity and engagement.
  • Safer than anywhere else – social distancing, masks, use of technology, etc.

5. Access to the latest and greatest senior health resources.

  • Senior living communities were in the very first phase of the vaccine rollout – making their residents the first priority to receive the vaccine.

As Kentucky’s largest faith-inspired, non-profit provider of affordable senior living and long-term care for older adults, we’ve been taking care of older adults since 1884. We understand decisions around senior living may be difficult, but we hope to help you find easy answers. As you begin looking at senior living communities, we encourage you to ask these questions related to the current state of the world:

  • What are your protocols for testing residents and staff for coronavirus?
  • Has your facility had COVID-19 cases? What is the infection rate there and how are you communicating with families about it?
  • What safety protocols are in place to prevent COVID-19 from spreading?
  • What are you doing to maintain and support your staff?
  • What are you doing to engage residents?

For more information on “Difficult Decisions Easy Answers” simply dial (502) 254-4200.


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