Is It Time to “Right-Size” While the Market is Hot?

Housing Boom, Senior Edition

The housing market is exploding this year and we’ve seen an interesting result from it – baby boomers are selling their longtime homes earlier than planned. These seniors are hoping to cash in and expand their retirement funds as houses sell at rapid speeds. Many aging Americans are using this opportunity to “right size” and move into senior living communities.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Baby Boomers (between ages 55 and 75) make up 41% of those currently selling homes. This year, Christian Care Communities has seen an increase in move-ins to our independent living apartments and garden homes across the state. With the recent movement we want to share some tips and insights on “right sizing”, from preparing your home to sell, to organizing the move and packing.


Plan and Create a Timeline

A plan will make your move to senior living that much smoother. Determine when you’d like to move into your selected senior living community, and plan everything from that date. 



Unlike years past, this hot seller’s market means that you won’t necessarily have to make expensive renovations in order to get buyers competing for your home. While some buyers will overlook chipped paint and outdated finishes, your home will likely sell faster with a little facelift. Look for minor things to do to make the home ready for a new owner, and forget to do a deep clean. Clean homes sell faster and for more money.


Downsize and Declutter

Likely the first thing a real estate agent will tell you is to remove the personal touch from your home so potential buyers can imagine themselves at home there. Among other things, this involves decluttering and downsizing. This will have to be done before moving to a senior living community, so get a jump start on it before listing your house!


Online Listing Photos

These days online listings are usually a potential buyer’s first look at a house. The more attractive your house looks online, likely the more tours will be scheduled. Consider your real estate agent’s sources or a professional real estate photographer to get perfect close-ups for your home’s debut.

Whether it’s a new idea or you’ve been considering it for a while, there’s never been a better time to sell your home and move to the retirement lifestyle you deserve. Today’s housing market makes it easy for seniors to sell their homes, say goodbye to chores and home worries and start a new chapter of their lives in style.

All of our communities have staff ready and willing to help manage your transition to senior living. Visit to learn more about the senior living lifestyles and cities we offer.


Mary Lynn Spalding

President and CEO, Christian Care Communities


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